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Pulmamess "Eesti Pulmad 2021" registreerimisleht

Format options
Delimited textExports results as delimited text file.HTML TableExports results as an HTML table.JSON documentsExports results as JSON documents.YAML documentsExports results as YAML documents.
This is the delimiter used in the CSV/TSV file when downloading webform results. Using tabs in the export is the most reliable method for preserving non-latin characters. You may want to change this to another character depending on the program with which you anticipate importing results.
If checked, the generated file's carriage returns will be compatible with Excel.
If checked, the download file extension will be change from .html to .xls.
Used to create unique file names for exported submissions.
Used to create unique file names for exported submissions.
Element options
The delimiter used when an element has multiple values.
Header options
Column header format
Choose whether to show the element label or element key in each column header.
Select menu, radio buttons, and checkboxes options
Options single value format
Elements that collect a single option value include select menus, radios, and buttons.
Options multiple values format
Elements that collect multiple option values include multi-select, checkboxes, and toggles.
Options item format
Entity reference options
Entity reference format
The selected columns will be included in the export.
TitleNameDate type/Element type
Serial numberserialinteger
Vastuse IDsidinteger
Submission UUIDuuiduuid
Submission URIuristring
Is draftin_draftboolean
Eesolev lehtcurrent_pagestring
Remote IP addressremote_addrstring
Submitted byuidentity_reference
Submitted to: Entity typeentity_typestring
Submitted to: Entity IDentity_idstring
Pulmad.ee kliendihindpulmad_ee_kliendihindwebform_computed_twig
Hind Pulmad.ee kliendile vastavalt paketilepulmad_ee_kataloogi_pakettradios
Vali esitlusala tsoonvali_esitlusala_tsoonradios
Kollane esitlusalaesitlusalacheckboxes
Must esitlusalaesitlusala_mustradios
Sinine esitlusalaesitlusala_helesinineradios
Punane esitlusalaesitlusala_punaneradios
Roheline esitlusalaesitlusala_rohelineradios
Kas tahate reklaami pulmaraamatusse?kas_tahate_reklaami_pulmaraamatusseradios
Valige kataloogi sobiv reklaamikohtkas_soovite_enda_reklaami_pulmamessil_jagatavasse_eesti_pulmad_rradios
Kas tahate fotoseinale reklaami?kas_tahate_fotoseinale_reklaami_radios
Firma nimi (kui on)firma_nimi_kui_on_textfield
Kaubamärk või kaubamärgidkaubamark_voi_kaubamargidtextarea
Esindaja nimiesindaja_nimitextfield
Sinu tegevuse kirjeldussinu_tegevuse_kirjeldustextarea
Mitmekesi olete tulemasmitmekesi_olete_tulemasselect
Hind tasumisekshind_tasumisekswebform_computed_twig
Download options
If checked, the export file will be automatically download to your local machine. If unchecked, the export file will be displayed as plain text within your browser.
Order submissions by ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first).
If checked, only starred/flagged submissions will be downloaded. If unchecked, all submissions will downloaded.
Archive options
Select the archive file type for submission file uploads and generated documents.